5 Reasons Why Chatbots are Excellent for MVP Startups

MVP stands for the minimum viable product. It is a development method in which new website or product is developed with adequate features to gratify early adopters. The complete and final set of features is only developed and designed after taking into consideration feedback from initial users of the product.

Whereas, a chatbot is also known as an artificial conversational entity, interactive agent, IM bot, Bot, chatterbot, and talkbox. It is a computer program which deports a discussion through textual or auditory techniques. These programs are often intended to persuasively mimic human behavior as a conversational partner, thus passing the Turing test. Chatbots are normally used in dialog systems for numerous real-world purposes encompassing information acquisition or customer service.
So, have you ever thought why chatbots are excellent for MVP startups?
In order to find the answer to this question, you must read these five reasons why chatbots are excellent for your startup.

1. Bots Catch Your Audience In the Right Place

Bots are placed inside messenger chats. It has been observed that users spend most of their time in messenger so, it is best to test your idea in the messenger. According to various reports, messaging apps are bigger than any social networks.
In fact, Facebook Messenger has turned out to be the topmost selection of companies for bot development. Presently, it has 11,000 bots.

2. Bots Can be Developed Quickly

It is probably to create a working bot in some hours. Yes, it is going to be very easy — maybe even embryonic — but no one cares if it works and exhibits your business idea. That is all that is needed from MVP — no complex MVP, machine learning or artificial intelligence.

Which one is a better option?
• Create a simple bot in three hours
• Waste seven months to create an MVP app and then understand there is no demand

Also, bots are tranquil to design and the whole development procedure is computerized, so they don’t need an all-encompassing backend.

3. Bots are Inexpensive To Develop

Bots do not require the huge investment to be created if you want just to test your idea in the market. Contrasting app development, you can make it functional without UX designers and professional OS developers.
Anybody can develop a chatbot with services like Manybot and Chatfuel free of cost. Startup owners don’t even require tech knowledge for that. These platforms complete the whole process from operation to issuing into messenger.

4. Bots have UX Advantages

Users do not require installing any extra apps to inaugurate a bot. They are more likely to utilize a service that is incorporated into an app they now utilize. The average adaptation rate for the fitting of bots is more than of mobile apps.

5. Bots could replace front-end interfaces

Bots can operate as a personal account, mobile app or landing page with a lot of settings at an equal time. Messenger platforms are now assimilating UX features into their apps that permit you to create a bot that looks like an app.


After viewing the discussion above, it can be said that chatbots are the most economical option in terms of time and money. So, you must develop chatbots for MVP startups.


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